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Lawn Maintenance

Stauffer Lawn Care Program

One of the first things that gets noticed about a home or business when you pull up is the lawn.  Many lawns are full of a lush green carpet of turf and some are not.  We strive to provide the best lawn care program available to our home and business customers.  


Weeds can be a pesky nuisance and we want to eliminate them from the lawns that we maintain.  Stauffer Lawn is excited to offer to new and existing customers our Stauffer Lawn Care 6-step lawn care program.  This program is customized to your specific lawns needs and will be executed by an experienced and licensed lawn care professional.

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Stauffer Lawn’s 6 – Step Lawn Care Program


Step 1 – Early spring application – This pre-emergent application is specifically formulated to help control the germination of broadleaf and grassy weeds like crabgrass and foxtail.  This application also helps to bring the turf out of dormancy and green up.


Step 2 – Mid spring application – This application is both a pre-emergent and a post-emergent herbicide.  This will help to control annual grassy weeds and also continue to promote a green and healthy yard.  This application also treats dandelions, chickweed, plantain, etc.


Step 3 – Early summer application – This application is important to add vigor to your lawn and help to ease the stress on your lawn during the hot summer months.  This application also includes grub control and insect control.


Step 4 – Early fall application – For this application we will be applying a fertilizer that is specifically formulated to promote root growth.


Step 5 – Mid fall application – This herbicide application is used to control broadleaf weeds such as clover, dandelions and chickweed.  It also aids in the control of grassy weeds.


Step 6 – Late fall application – This application is critical to the health of your turf during the winter months.  This application is a nitrogen fertilizer that will provide the proper nutrients that your turf requires of the cold winter months.


Additional Lawn Care Applications Available


Sometimes your lawn care needs don’t fit into a specific mold.  If this is the case we offer some additional lawn applications that may fit your needs.  These application include:


Moisture Manager – This is a great application for those homes and businesses that do not have an irrigation but want that great green lawn.  This is an application that extracts moisture from the air and then stores the moisture near the root zone of the turf.  This in turn allows non-irrigated lawns and irrigated lawns to be watered less often during the hot summer months.


Disease Control – This is applied through the summer months to control the spread of disease throughout the turf.


Nutsedge & Crabgrass – This is a post emergent application that is applied during the summer months when weeds are pushing through the summer heat.


Flea/Tick Control – We can help stop fleas and ticks in the turf by applying flea and tick control in early summer.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Let Stauffer Lawn and Landscape take care of all your home and business lawn care needs.  We take pride in providing exceptional lawn care for all lawns, both residential and commercial.