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Going the extra mile to ensure your landscaping is complete

Have the best lawn in your neighborhood

Reliability and professionalism matter

• Landscape and outdoor lighting

• Landscape maintenance

• Tree care

• Tree fertilization

• Disease and insect control

With our expert landscaping services, you get a company that is licensed, insured and has been in business since 2001.  Let us put our years of experience to work for you!

Let us provide you with professional landscaping services to revamp your existing property into a place that truly represents your style.


Services That We Offer

We are a full service landscaping company for Topeka, Kansas and its surrounding areas.  Below are some of the service we offer:

Lawn Maintenance Services

Let Stauffer Lawn and Landscape take care of all your home and business lawn care needs.  We take pride in providing exceptional lawn care for all lawns, both residential and commercial.

Landscape Design and Build

Stauffer Lawn and Landscape works with you to provide a unique, customized landscape design to compliment your homes architecture.  Our design and installation team works with you to incorporate lush plantings, functional hardscapes, exquisite outdoor lighting and comfortable living spaces, all into your homes landscape.

Landscape Services

Once your newly renovated landscape has been complete, now is the time to take care of that landscape.  We want your homes landscaping to look flawless throughout the entire year, even the winter months!  Let our experienced team here it Topeka, Kansas take care of your home or businesses landscape for you.  We offer a variety of landscape services so we can meet everyone’s needs.

Irrigation Services

Installing a new irrigation system at your Topeka home will help renovate your home and businesses lawn.  Stop wasting your time dragging hoses around your homes lawn and landscape.  Save time and money and add an irrigation system to your home.  At Stauffer Lawn and Landscape we are a full service provider for your irrigation needs.