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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a fantastic way to add ambiance to your home or business’ landscape.  Low voltage lighting is an easy addition to any homes landscape whether it is path lights, up lights, wall lights or specialty lighting.


Outdoor lighting is often used to accentuate a homes’ architecture, and shape the view of the homes landscaping during the evening and early morning hours.  Low voltage lighting is helping to extend the amount of time that you are spending outdoors in the evening hours enjoying your outdoor living spaces.  Another great benefit of outdoor lighting is the additional security that it provides to both your home and your landscape.  


Low Voltage lighting comes in both incandescent fixtures and LED fixtures and in many different shapes, sizes and colors.  Contact us and let Stauffer Lawn and Landscape help you decide on what type of lighting works best for your home or business in the Topeka and surrounding area.  

Manufacturers That We Purchase From

  • FX Luminaire

  • Kichler

  • Vista

  • Focus

  • Sollos Lighting

  • Path Lights

  • Up Lights

  • Wall Lights

  • Specialty Lights