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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Renovation

Fall is a great time to look at renovating the lawn at your home or business.  There are a number of services that we offer that will help to keep your lawn looking fantastic.  Let our lawn our lawn care professionals assist you with any of the following services:


Lawn Aeration – Aeration is the single best thing that you can do for your lawn during the fall months.  After a long season of mowing and heat, aeration opens up the soil to allow important nutrients and water to access the root zone.  We recommend aeration every fall to help promote the health of your lawn.


Lawn Verticutting – Verticutting is another great service to have done in the fall.  We will slice through the soil in your yard to create great seed to soil contact.  Once the lawn has been verticut we will over seed to help fill in the weak spots in your lawn, or just help to thicken the turf.


Power Raking – Power raking is the process of removing excessive thatch from your lawn.  This process can be very invasive on your lawn.  Therefore, we only recommend power raking when more than 2” of thatch is present and you lawn is established and healthy.  In most cases, aeration is the preferred method of detaching.


Seeding – Fall is the best time for seeding to take place at your home or business.  However, the type of seed that you choose to use makes all the difference.  We only use seed of the highest quality and that will perform well in our Kansas climate.


Sodding – Sometimes you can’t wait till the fall season to get you lawn in shape, that is where sodding comes in.  We will prep your lawn for any new sod installation that needs to take place.  Once the sod has been installed it is very important that it is watered heavily until the sod has taken root.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Let Stauffer Lawn and Landscape take care of all your home and business lawn care needs.  We take pride in providing exceptional lawn care for all lawns, both residential and commercial.

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