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Once you newly renovated landscape has been complete, now is the time to take care of that landscape.  We want your homes landscaping to look flawless throughout the entire year, even the winter months!  Let our experienced team here it Topeka, Kansas take care of your home or businesses landscape for you.  We offer a variety of landscape services so we can meet everyone’s needs.

landscape services landscape services landscape services planting bed detailing

Planting Bed Detailing

As professional gardeners we handle all aspects of keeping your landscaping beds in top shape.  We customize our landscape bed detailing program to your wants and needs.  Our programs can include a weekly visit, bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly.  During our visit to your home or business we will perform bed weeding, perennial care, annual installation, rose maintenance, and light pruning.

Landscape Services

landscape services

Let Us Maintain Your Planting Beds Year Round

  • Bed Weeding

  • Perennial Care

  • Rose Maintenance

  • Light Pruning

  • Annual Installation

Make the Neighbors “Green” with Envy

Let us brighten up your homes landscaping with a fresh top dress of rich dark mulch in the spring.  We can also add a fantastic pop of color with annual plantings in the bed or in containers!

Get the Quality Service You Deserve

Let us amaze you by restoring the beauty of your homes lawn and landscape.  Trust our fully licensed and insured company design, build and maintain your newly renovated landscape.

spring and fall cleanup

Spring and Fall Cleanup

After a long cold Topeka winter, most landscapes need a little pick me up to get them ready for the spring season.  Let us get those planting beds back into tip top shape for the upcoming growing season.  As for the leaves in the fall, we will get them out of the planting beds for the upcoming winter. This will help to control the spread of disease.



Mulching is a very important part of any completed landscape.  Mulching gives the landscape that final touch at the end of the project.  At Stauffer Lawn and Landscape we offer a number of different mulching materials; from dyed mulched to decorative rock.


It is important to your plants health that they be mulched after installation.  This helps to retain moisture and control the spread of weeds.  If you are using dyed mulches it is recommended to mulch every 1-2 years.  This lets the mulch decompse back into organic matter and keeps the landscape looking fresh.