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Landscape Design and Build

Stauffer Lawn and Landscape works directly with you to provide you with a customized landscape design you desire. Our design and installation team will work with to incorporate lush plantings, functional hardscapes, exquisite outdoor lighting and comfortable living spaces into your homes landscape.


Our Design Process

Our approach to the design of your homes landscaping always starts with you! We work very closely with you to discover what your wants and needs for your homes project. If you aren’t sure where to start, start by brainstorming about how you will use your outdoor space! Click HERE for a quick questionnaire to get the creative juices flowing!


At our first meeting we will discuss your vision for your home. We will evaluate the land around your home and make sure all aspects are covered, including drainage around the home. From there we gather all the important measurements and photos needed to create a beautiful plan for your homes landscape.


Once we have all the design information we need, we will take this back to our office to create a beautiful, functional gently flowing design for your home or business. Next we will present this to you to receive feedback and make any modifications needed to move forward.

Landscape Design and Build Services

Let’s get started on your dream landscape for your home or business in the Topeka and surrounding area! We offer full landscape design and installation services. They are listed below:



Softscape Design For Your Home And Business

Softscaping is one of the easiest ways to spruce up the landscaping around your home. We will work with you to create flowing, colorful and lush planting beds that will compliment your homes exterior. Our designs range from simple, low maintenance planting plans to full maintenance plans that may include cutting gardens, annual beds or specialty plant material.


Our landscaping team specializes in plant material that will excel in our planting zone. We work closely with multiple nurseries to find the best plant material for our geographical growing zone. All of our plant material is sourced locally and is brought in on a weekly basis.


Below are some of the softscape services we provided:

  • Outdoor Garden Design and Installation

  • Tree and Shrub Plantings

  • Mulching

  • And many more

Hardscape For Your Home and Business

Whether you are looking for a new stoop for the front of your home, a new walkway or driveway or a new spacious patio around the back of your home for entertaining, we can make it happen!


Hardscapes include a number of different features. These includes, stone stairs, patios, retaining walls, benches, walkways and many more. We will help you create an inviting, functional and beautiful outdoor living space that will blend seamlessly with your homes landscaping.


Below are a few options of what we can add to your home or business:


Retaining Walls – Retaining walls serve many functions in the landscape.


Paver Patios and Walkways – Patios and walkways are great at adding that extra pizazz to the landscape. They are great architectural and functional elements.


Paving and Retaining Wall Materials – No matter what type of patio, walkway or retaining wall you are looking at, there are many different material options.

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