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Irrigation Services

We are backflow certified!  

Worry Free Watering

  • Irrigation Installation

  • Irrigation Start Up

  • Irrigation Winterization

  • Irrigation Maintenance/Repair

Let us start your growing season off right with our Irrigation Technicians in the Topeka and Surrounding Areas.

Let Stauffer Lawn and Landscape keep your system in tip top shape to help reduce excessive watering and water effectively.


Installing a new irrigation system at your Topeka home will help renovate your home and businesses lawn.  Stop wasting your time dragging hoses around your homes lawn and landscape.  Save time and money and add an irrigation system to your home.  At Stauffer Lawn and Landscape we are a full service provider for your irrigation needs.  

irrigation irrigation irrigation

Irrigation Installation

If you are looking to install an irrigation system for your home lawn or planting beds, give us a call.  We take the time needed to design your irrigation system based on the needs of your lawn.  We use Rainbird and Hunter irrigation parts for the installation of your system.

Irrigation Start Up

Our experienced techs will help you each spring get your irrigation system started up for the season.  Our irrigation tech will start your system in the spring and then do a complete system check to make sure all parts are working and the coverage is correct.  We will then ensure that the controller is prepared to run for the appropriate amount of time.  Our irrigation techs are also backflow certified!  Let us certify your backflow.

Irrigation Winterization

With the cold winters we experience here in Topeka and surrounding areas, it is important to have your irrigation system winterized.  Our irrigation techs will use an air compressor to blow out all the water in your irrigation lines.  This process helps to ensure that there is no freezing in the irrigation lines.


Irrigation Maintenance and Repair

If you have an existing irrigation system that needs repairs or additions made to it, give Stauffer Lawn and Landscape a call in Topeka.  We will give a quote for the work that needs to take place and then preform that work upon your approval.  We will then re-check our work and the entire system to make sure everything is up and working.