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Instructions After Seeding

Water, Water, Water

It is impossible to over-emphasize how important faithful watering is to grass seed germination. Immediately after over-seeding the lawn, begin watering. A thorough gentle watering is essential to get things off to a good start. Then move into a watering routine as best you can. Try for twice daily watering, minimum, if there is no rain. You do not have to water for hours and hours. The idea is to keep just that top ¼ inch of soil moist so the seed stays moist. Be sure to cover the entire over-seeded area each time.

If you are not home to water the new grass seed twice a day, use an automatic timer to do the job. Set the mechanical or computerized timer to turn on your watering device for just a short period in the morning and then again for another light watering in the afternoon. Some timers can be set for up to seven days. If new grass appears in four or five days don't suspend the watering routine. Keep watering.


Mowing New Grass

Take special care when mowing a newly seeded lawn. Normally, 3-4 inches is the recommended mowing height, but this is an exception. When the older, established grass recovers from its close cut and grows to about 2½ or 3 inches, mow the lawn, new grass and all.  For the next four weeks, as it gets cooler, keep the grass at 2½ or 3 inches.  This is one of the times when it is a good idea to collect grass clippings when you mow. Mowing more closely and collecting the clippings, helps the new grass seedlings get more light to encourage good strong growth.  Also bagging helps keep leaves off that can be competition to the lawn, keep leaves off new lawns to help promote growth.